Mother's Day Inspiration

When we were kids, we knew we were supposed to get a card for mom on Mother's Day. Maybe we also got flowers or some other trinket for a gift. We weren't sure the reason for this day other than that it is marked on calendars in permanent print.

I remember only one of the gifts I gave my mom when I was a kid and the reason I remember it is because it made her cry (in the good way). I was a teenager (which I know because I bought a gift during one of those mall hangouts with my friends). It was a porcelain picture frame with light pink roses on it and I inserted a picture of her holding me as a baby from one of our family albums. She loved it.

This morning has just gotten started but my husband is already in the kitchen making me breakfast. (Wonderful man!) My toddler presented me with a card containing his handprint in soft green ink. My teenage stepson has something still tucked away from his mall hangout on Friday night. And after breakfast, we'll be headed to Longwood Gardens to stroll amidst flowers.

This may be my favorite Mother's Day yet.

I'm still not sure why we have Mother's Day, but since we do, today I'm going to focus on being present. On spending this time with my husband and boys. I will call my mom and my stepmom. I will celebrate my mother-in-law.

I also honor all of you who are mothers, stepmothers, adopted mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, godmothers, and those who desperately want to be mothers.

For all the things you do on a daily basis to keep your family running, for the support you give, for the hugs and kisses, and for the discipline you painstakingly bestow... thank you.

For your patience, time, love, and selflessness... thank you.

For the moments you showed perfect motherhood and all the times you didn't but kept trying anyway... thank you.

For all the times you've held it together and all the times you lost it... thank you.

Thank you because you show up. Every day. Rain or shine. Sickness or health. In all your imperfect glory (because mine is most certainly imperfect).

Here's a little inspiration for your day...

Why Mother's Day is for the Birds by Ann Voskamp - An honest post about motherhood in all its imperfectness.

And this video which is my little Mother's Day tradition (even though Borders is now long gone) because you never stop being a mom...

Happy Mother's Day!


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