This Morning's Visitors

I'm not feeling very wordy today. We're coming off a three day weekend where my husband and I did a ton of yard work, my teenage stepson played in a baseball tournament, we got a visit from some out-of-town friends, and we went to a barbecue. (Is it still a barbecue if nothing is in BBQ sauce? You know, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggies- is that a barbecue?)

Anyhow, it was the perfect balance of productivity and fun, with a good mixture of activities and plenty of outside time.

This morning the sky is gray and I'm feeling quiet. So, instead of more words, I offer you photos of some of the visitors to my bird feeder this morning.

I just filled it three days ago and already it's running bare. There's still enough to cause a stir, though.







  1. We have these little cuties in our backyard, too. We hang three feeders, and even though my husband fills them regularly, it doesn't take long before the feeders are bare bones again. These flying critters eat a lot. Of course, we have a visiting squirrel and chipmunk to help out. Even so, they are all fun to watch.

  2. It's nice to have birds visit you. :-)

    An Australian definition of a barbeque is any meal/event/gathering at which food is cooked on a barbeque... It's amazing how many different things can be cooked on a barbeque!

  3. You can cook quite a few things on a barbeque. I've even made pizza that way. Yum!

  4. They are a lot of fun to watch. They sure go through food fast!


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