The Update Post: Lost Pigeon, Sweetness, and Veggie Garden

Update on the Lost Pigeon

Remember the pigeon who visited us last week? He moved on. After about 28 hours of rest, bird seed, and water at our house, he departed quietly.

My husband and I went out to check on the pigeon and see if we needed to house him in the dog crate for another night. After perusing our yard for the day, he had returned to the roof of the arbor to rest. He didn't want to come down, so we left him alone while taking care of other yard tasks.

After I fed the ducks, I turned around and our little pigeon friend was gone. He snuck off while we weren't looking. I guess he's not much for goodbyes. Hopefully he is back home by now (or perhaps off on another exploration adventure).

Update on Wishing for Sweetness

A few weeks ago in a wishcasting with Jamie post, I wished for the sweetness of fruit fresh from the garden. Over the past week I have picked about three pints of strawberries from my own small patch. The blueberries are still growing and so are the fruit trees.

I also visited a neighboring farm and picked seven pounds of strawberries. Sweetness overflows!

Update on Vegetable Garden

I'm slowly catching up on planting my vegetable garden. The rain has made things a bit tricky.

After buying some plants last Thursday, I spent Thursday evening leveling out the garden and marking off beds. Then it rained Friday and the ground was still a muddy mess on Saturday. So, Sunday I spent the day shoveling, raking, tilling. I planted my tomatoes, summer squash, watermelon, honeydew, cucumbers, peppers, and sunflowers. Phew!

Then Monday it rained. Tuesday was a mud pit again. Wednesday (yesterday) I was able to get back out there. I planted cantaloupe, winter squash, zucchini, and some flowers. (Yes, this is my biggest garden ever... by far.)

Today it's supposed to rain again (sigh), which means I'll probably have to wait until this weekend to get the rest planted (onions, arugula, and corn).

So, one day on, two days off. That seems to be the way of it. Slow and steady.

I think that's all the updates I have for now. Is there anything else you'd like to hear more about? What's going on in your world?


  1. You didn't even get to say 'bon voyage' to your pigeon friend. I hope he's (she's?) traveling safely.


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