What If I'm the Crazy Bird Lady?

Living where I do, we get a lot of wildlife in our yard: deer, groundhogs, rabbits, the occasional raccoon or opossum, and birds of all sizes- sparrow to hawk to turkey (no emus... yet anyway).

Yesterday I headed to my back yard to work in the garden and was greeted by a new visitor- an all white bird. He didn't fly away when he saw me. He cautiously kept a few feet of distance between us, but seemed unafraid.


As I got closer, I noticed bracelets on each ankle- one red and one gold. The most I could make out of the writing was "Bronx, N.Y." I think it's a homing pigeon and this little guy is a long way from home.


He was picking at bird seed that had scattered on the ground from the above hanging feeder, so I set out a small pile of seed just for him.


My husband found a website explaining what to do if you find a lost pigeon: www.pigeon.org/carelostbird.html (seriously, there is a website for everything). The site says that you can try to catch it in an old bird cage or a box. Supposedly after 24 to 48 hours rest with food and water, the bird will continue its flight home.

It was getting darker and we worried about this bird becoming prey to the wildlife. I don't happen to have any bird cages laying around, but I had an old small dog crate. So, I herded him into the crate and gave him another pile of bird seed and a bowl of water.


This morning we went out to check on our overnight visitor and found him seemingly content in his dog crate. Overnight rain left him standing in a small puddle, so, in hindsight, a dryer location might have been better.


Anyhow, this was the moment of truth. We opened the crate to see if our little pigeon friend might be ready to depart. He didn't.

So my husband gently helped him out of the crate.


Then he released the bird...


...and it flew...


...to the roof of our arbor.


The FAQ on the lost pigeon site says that if the pigeon doesn't leave and you are unable to contact its owner, "by all means [keep it]. Pigeons make great pets."

As my husband packed up for work he asked, "Do we have a pigeon now?" Which is why I look like this...

Photo Jun 07, 8 37 46 AM

...because what if I'm becoming the crazy bird lady?

I'm beginning to think I need a category on my blog called, "Crazy Stuff That Probably Only Happens To Me."

Then again, maybe that's what it means to live wonderstruck.


  1. Aww ~ that is so cool. Clearly, you are becoming the crazy bird lady ;)

    ...but I think that's pretty great.

    You're keeping it, right??

  2. Hey Crazy Bird Lady!
    I'm sure that pigeon is very grateful :)

  3. There is nothing wrong about caring for lost and helpless birds/cats/dogs/____. We should all be that "crazy"! I volunteered at my local Wildlife Rescue shelter for 2 years and came to LOVE birds. There's probably a local Wildlife Rescue shelter in your community that would appreciate any time or efforts you can spare. :-)

  4. Maybe someone will see this post and recognize him (her?). If not, sounds like you've made a new friend.

  5. This is uber funny. Your backyard never ceases to amaze me. (hums "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins)

  6. [...] the pigeon who visited us last week? He moved on. After about 28 hours of rest, bird seed, and water at our house, he departed [...]


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