Duck Update: The Great Escape

Time for more gratuitous duck photos? I thought so.

Squackers and Buttons have become quite the little Houdinis. They have now escaped from the temporary fence around their kiddie pool twice.

Both times I found them sitting just outside the fence looking back in.escape from cage

As if they're thinking, "Oops... uh... How do we get back in?"

So I go out to help them and they quack out, "Human! She's coming for us! Is she coming for us? I think she's coming for us! RUN!" (Surely, that's what they're saying. Don't you think?)

And they waddle this way...

Photo Aug 22, 12 04 57 PM

...and that way...

Photo Aug 22, 12 11 43 PM

...until I corral them back to their kiddie pool and safe house. Then they primp and clean to wash off the stress of it all.

Photo Aug 21, 10 41 14 AM

I can't wait to get the real fence put in so they have more room to explore. Maybe then they won't look so worried about breaking back in.


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