Inspiration for the Weekend

As the work/school week draws to a close and we enter into the weekend, I want to share a few posts that I've seen around the web recently- the ones that have made me think. The ones that have made me say, "hmmm... ." (Anyone else singing "Things that make you go hmmm...?" Just me?)

Too Late? By Whose Clock?
by Jennifer Louden at Savor & Serve

In which Jen says...
When I groan, “It’s too late,” what I really mean is I am unwilling to proclaim, “I want this.”

When I moan, “I’m too old, it’s too hard, I don’t know how, someone else has already done it better” but what I’m actually saying is “I’m not willing to ache.”

This has me questioning. Is it really too late? Or is that just an excuse?

It Gets Better
by Glennon Doyle Melton at Momastery

In which Glennon delights over her children being back in school and reprints a letter to her son that gets me every time I read it.
Baby, if you see a child being left out, or hurt, or teased, a part of your heart will hurt a little. Your daddy and I want you to trust that heart- ache. Your whole life, we want you to notice and trust your heart-ache. That heart ache is called compassion, and it is God’s signal to you to do something. It is God saying, Chase! Wake up! One of my babies is hurting! Do something to help!

Go read this post in full. Or at least scroll partway down until you see "Dear Chase." Then read that. Then read it again. Then read it to your children.

Lawn/food Rant
by Prudence Macleod at Valkyrie Rising

In which Prudence mulls over the noise of her neighbor's lawn mower...
People in North America spend thousands each year to groom lawns that they cannot eat and will not allow livestock to graze on. No, instead we pay fortunes to large agri-business to ship food to us that has been so genetically altered that our bodies can barely digest it.

This one sits with me because I want to grow my own food. It didn't pan out as well as I hoped this year, but I will keep trying.

The 3 Lies of Lifestyle Design (& Why Tim Ferriss Is Making You Hate Your Life)
by Alexander Heyne at Milk The Pigeon

In which Alexander realizes that truly local people in smaller towns have it all figured out...
They have close, meaningful relationships with people they can see regularly.

They have work that fills their time... .

They have leisure hobbies that are relaxing and invigorating... .

In other words, they’re getting all they want here, so they don’t need to go there.

That last line is the one I love. "They're getting all they want here, so they don't need to go there."

Here is a great place. I'm fond of here. It doesn't require packing or long treks or planning because I'm already here.

Wherever you are this weekend, be all there. Notice, wonder, make eye contact.

Happy weekend!


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