Make Some Magic

Solitary bubble

Every so often my toddler and I catch a show called Tree Fu Tom. Tom likes to help his friends (mostly bug-like creatures) out of jams by making magic.

When such a time arises, Tom asks his viewers to help him make some magic, then leads them through a series of physical movements (jumping, reaching, stepping, kneeling, clapping) presumably called tree fu.

At tree fu time, my toddler calls out to me, "Come on, Mommy. We gotta make magic."

There it is. Wisdom from the mouth of a child.

We do, don't we? This world is hurting in many ways. There is too much pain and not enough compassion. Sadness and suffering that we don't know or choose not to see.

But kindness, compassion, and action... these are magic. Noticing someone, really noticing them, is magic.

So when my son says, "Come on, Mommy. We gotta make magic," my answer is "You are so right, baby. We do."

We have to make magic.

Go on. I dare you.


  1. Hi Sherry, You don't know me but I know you....sorta...I have gone to church with your Grandma Cover for several years and have become friends with your mom over the past two years. She told me about your blog and I have to say...WOW! Great thoughts...great writing...and great subject matter...keep it up, Sherry!


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