Wide Open Spaces

Photo Sep 22, 10 49 31 AM

My stepson had a baseball game. Instead of their usual field just behind the high school, this game was on a different field.

To get to this field I walked past the high school, past their usual field, around a large section of dense trees. Past soccer fields and field hockey fields and football practice fields and... well... lots of open grass.

Photo Sep 22, 1 00 18 PM

And in that quiet open space where there was only me and the fuff-fuff sound of my sneakers brushing through the grass, I realized something.

We never get to walk in open fields. In wide open spaces.

Photo Sep 22, 12 54 48 PM

Spaces where you can't see other people or buildings. Spaces where you can't hear the whiz of cars going by.

Spaces where you can walk quietly. Where you can spread out, take up space, and give your imagination room to romp.

Photo Sep 22, 1 06 05 PM

We're crowded so much of the time by things in our own home and those outside our home.

Sure, in this moment I was behind a school. If I turned around I would have seen it staring back at me. Likely watching my wonder with a stoic "I'm a school building. Learning happens here."

Photo Sep 22, 10 53 29 AM

But facing away from that school, leaving it further and further behind me, all I could think was learning happens here, too.

Because it's in these open spaces that we have room to explore. Room to clear our thoughts. Room to let our minds, hearts, and spirits wander.

We need wide open spaces.


  1. It's funny how something as ordinary as going to a baseball game can totally rework the way you think about things...

  2. […] feeling cramped. Overwhelmed by too much stuff and too long of a to do list. If you read my Wide Open Spaces post on Monday, you already know I’m craving room to grow, stretch, and move […]


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