Flecks #1

Alright. I'm trying something a little different with these Friday posts. I'm calling it Flecks for now. As in little flecks of reflection from the week. Let's see how it goes.

2013-10-09 10.57.56

Things I learned this week:

  • how to make apple butter and apple pear chutney

  • that I am not good at making apple crisp (Some of the apples burned. Some of the top didn't cook at all. The brown sugar is lumpy. Yikes!)

  • a peacock's call sounds a lot like a cat's yowl (also, I now have a fantasy of adding a peacock to our little homestead)

  • that I am a procrastinator extraordinaire (okay, I knew this already, but sometimes I am reminded of it again)

This week's celebrations:

  • I spoke my work desires. I took ownership of what I am looking for.

  • I ate eggs laid by my ducks (and lived to tell about it).

  • A harvest! Two tomatoes (from a surprise tomato plant that sprung up all on its own), two of the smallest green bell peppers I have ever seen, and seven serrano peppers.

2013-10-08 16.35.56

Things I'm still learning from this week (i.e., things I need to learn):

A system for keeping my desk clear because it keeps gathering piles. I like the ideas Leo Babauta wrote in this (old) post: 3 Steps to a Permanently Clear Desk.

I definitely need to try his top-down in-basket method and create an action folder. I've gotten as far as clearing the piles, dividing the contents into either an in-basket or a notebook bin. I haven't yet tackled the contents of the in-basket, however.

"You can't let the good go to your head and you can't let the bad go to your heart." The host of Charlotte Today said this during her interview of Glennon Doyle Melton (who I love!).

It's a line I want to carry with me always. I feel like I need that reminder in my everyday. A reminder that it isn't personal. It isn't about me.

In that interview, Glennon said, "If you're going to ask to see the beauty in humanity, you're also going to get some of the brutality."

It's the truth. It kind of sucks, but when you want to see the good, your eyes will be open. And when your eyes are open, you will see it all: the good, the bad, the ugly.

So, that's what I'm learning, celebrating, and working on this week. How about you?



  1. What an enticing idea, Sherri! It sounds like you are on a life road that includes education, introspection, and joy. Could it be that you are...wonderstruck? Lol! Oh, I almost forgot to add a tidbit I learned this week: I learned that the difference between wild and feral horses is 1) controversial, and 2) hard to define.

  2. Thank you, Jodi! Indeed, I am wonderstruck. Now about those horses... I'm intrigued. Will you be writing more about that on your own blog perhaps?


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