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Flecks #2

Flecks, as in flecks of reflection from the week. Here we go.

Things I learned this week:

  • Time with friends can be restorative. (This is one of those things I've known, but was reminded of this week.)

  • That I am capable of a lot, and I can serve myself better by not procrastinating.

Things I'm celebrating this week:

  • Being finished! I turned in a massive editing project consisting of 1,700 pages of coding and 650 pages of copyediting. It was, by far, the biggest editing project I've taken on and, honestly, it was exhausting.

  • My stepson cleaned his room. All by himself. Of his own volition. He threw stuff out. He folded his clothes and put them in his dresser. He vacuumed. (I know. I'm baffled, too.)

  • My parents are visiting tomorrow. Yay!

Things I'm still learning:

To listen. "Listen" is my word of the year. It seems like it should be easy, but it's surprisingly tricky to truly listen- without thinking of what you'll say next, without multitasking, without getting distracted by some other task. I've been practicing.

Then Jen Louden said this in a post this week: "We sure do need people to listen, really listen and see us." It's a short post and definitely worth reading. She reminds us that, instead of imposing solutions on others, we should recognize their needs.

What I'm focusing on today:

After a grueling week hunched over my computer, my theme today is Order and Focus.

I'm restoring order to my home as best I can. Right now, I have a bunch of windows open letting the cool wind blow through my house to air it out. Hopefully it's taking with it any stressful, negative energy and sweeping in peace and possibility.

The second load of laundry for the morning is whirring away in the machines, with lots of loads lined up behind it.

I spent a little time last night reorganizing my desk and deciding on systems for my various notes (one notebook for journaling, one for clients, a notepad for my to do list, ...). I'd like to finish up that process today.

Getting my notebooks in order will also help me re-center. I'm feeling a need to refocus my attentions- remind myself of my priorities and get back on track.

And as a special activity with my toddler, we are going to meet with other moms and kids to tie-dye t-shirts.

Order and focus. It's returning. I can feel it.

What are you learning this week?


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