Inspiration for the Weekend #3 (the editing edition)

I am in editor mode this week. With a huge copyediting project going on for the next few weeks, I'm spending a lot of time on my computer.

And because I've been reading a manuscript, I haven't read many blogs this week. However, there are two posts I read that spoke to me. Coincidentally, they are both about editing.

One is about editing your life and the other about editing your writing. These are both things I'm working on right now, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Clear & Claim
by Jamie Ridler Studios

In this post, Jamie talks about editing your life. Claiming what works and clearing what doesn't.
We all know the value of decluttering, how good it feels to clear out what no longer serves, whether that’s shoes that hurt our feet or relationships that hurt our hearts. It is a powerful practice to clear our homes, our schedules, our hearts and our lives.

On Editing, Heavy Lifting & Great Writing
by Shauna Niequist

Shauna talks about the "invisible work" of heavy editing. The work that makes the difference between good writing and great writing.
This is what makes a great writer: not the first draft, but all the subsequent drafts.

So, these are the things on my mind. Editing words and editing life.

Are you editing anything in your life right now?



  1. I'm so far sunk into editing I may never come up for air. I'm starting to forget what it feels like to sit down to a blank page and just pound out words...

  2. It's good to have times of both- to alternate between editing and writing. Then, it's refreshing when you get to switch.


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