What is Your Favorite Apple Recipe?

2013-09-30 11.14.55

It's one of those days where I have a lot of things to do and don't know if I have anything in particular to write about.

What I do know is I have apples. Lots of them.

I took Jonas apple picking earlier this week and all 20-some pounds of apples (and some pears) are still sitting in the bag I brought them home in.

Last year when I picked apples, I made applesauce. It was a really efficient way to turn a whole bunch of apples into one jar of applesauce. It was good applesauce, but highly disappointing when I spent an entire day making it and it only filled one jar.

I'm not a big apple pie person, so aside from eating a few of them as they are, I'm thinking apple butter. (Blueberry butter earlier this year was successful.) Maybe throw a few slices to float on some apple cider sangria.

Do you have any other ideas? What apple recipes do you love?

It's probably important to note, that I don't know a lot of fancy cooking terms, and I like things that are simple. Please don't send me a 42-step apple tartar flambé. (Or anything else with equally ridiculous words in it.)


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