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Flecks #8

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: I can make mashed potatoes from scratch. Every year I do this for Thanksgiving, and every year after boiling the potatoes I remember I don't know how to make mashed potatoes. So I search for a recipe, realize it's not that hard if you have the right ingredients (which itself is a challenge), and mash away. And every year they come out fine. Maybe next year I'll remember how to do it. (Or maybe I'll even make them from scratch before next year.) Things I'm celebrating this week: For the first time in months, I remembered to bring the dry-cleaning into the house on the same day I picked it up from the dry cleaner. (Seriously, I usually remember the next time I go to put something in my trunk. "Oh... there's dry-cleaning in here.") Thanksgiving. Here in the United States, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with family and feasting. It was

The Great Clearing

This weekend unexpectedly became a time of big change. Really our household has been in a state of flux for weeks (or maybe always) since my husband I decided we needed to finish projects, clear clutter, and basically put life back in order. So we've changed light bulbs that had gone dark, returned things that needed returning, cleaned things that needed cleaning, tucked the patio furniture away for winter, and cleared closets of unworn clothes. Then on Friday morning as my husband headed out for work, he casually mentioned that maybe it was time to trade in my car and our minivan, both older vehicles, for one new mom-mobile. We've been talking about it for a year now, so it wasn't out of the blue. It was, however, the pivotal moment of moving from an idea to actually happening. He then spent Friday and Saturday discussing options with his brother (who conveniently sells at GMC). Meanwhile my husband raised another concern. We had a stack of bins in our hallway waiting to m

Flecks #7

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: Grocery shopping is easier by myself than with my toddler. Even without the toddler, I will still forget things at the store. Things I'm celebrating this week: The arrival of a new book which I'm very excited about (*she says in a sing-songy way*): The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood . I'm imagining all the possibilities right now. Can't wait to dive in! Productivity. I checked off a lot of boxes off this week. Everything from copyediting work to laundry to booking plane tickets for my mom to come out for Christmas. Check, check, and check (and many more checks). Hooray! Things that are resonating with me this week: Nourishment through the elements by Jamie Ridler. You know I love me some Jamie! What I like about this post is the way she approaches things we can do to improve our lives by element (i.e. earth, air, fire, wat

Exploring Prosperity

Once again it's time to cast wishes with Jamie Ridler. This week she asks: What do you wish for your prosperity? This seems oddly tricky because, really, aren't we often wishing for prosperity itself? So, let's dive a little deeper and explore this question properly. What do I wish for my prosperity? "My prosperity" sounds present- like I already am prosperous. I like that. And I think that's true. I have more than I need and that makes me fortunate. I feel blessed. Often when we talk about prosperity, we are talking about finances. So, in that respect, what I wish for my prosperity is that it continues to come more from my life work (as opposed to from busy work). I am trying to live more holistically- viewing my family, my business, my love, my friendships, and my home all as part of me. Hence my new focus on "life work." And that is exactly how I wish to prosper. Wholly. Not just thriving in one area while another fails. I wish to prosper in my li

Favorite Teachers

Mr. Haddaway Mrs. Ikeda Mrs. Weiland Mrs. Kuhl Penelope Moon Mrs. Andelora Mr. Haddaway (6th grade) who showed me history can be amusing. Ms. Ballew (10th grade) who told me to keep a daily journal during a 10 day trip to German in lieu of giving me the actual assignments I missed. I still have that journal. Ms. Wiland (11th and 12th grade) who was my favorite math teacher and who made it a homework assignment to help a family that our class adopted for Christmas. Ms. Kuhl (10th-12th grade) who taught me how to dance, but also gave me most of the confidence I have today. Ms. Moon (in college) who taught me what the heck women were doing during history since they rarely appeared in the textbooks. Ms. Andelora (college) who taught me to write about what I love rather than the usual, boring preassigned topics. She is the reason I am a writer now.

Flecks #6

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: Technology fails and so do the humans behind it. Be sure that what you think you set up to happen is actually happening. It never hurts to check in. How to make sausage soup a la Chuck Wendig . That's right. The writer guy. And it was delicious. Chuck knows his soups. Things I'm celebrating this week: I survived the mud run! (That's me up there crawling to the finish line.) Non-runner/non-adventure-seeker me attempted every single obstacle (all 25 plus) throughout the 3-mile course and I succeeded on nearly all of them. Maybe not so gracefully, but I did it. Am I proud of myself? Heck yeah! Do I need to do that ever again? Not so much. Progress. I'm still working behind the scenes here on stepping into my life work. Hooray for small steps forward. Things that are resonating with me this week: Painting the Feminine: Protected by Connie Hozvicka of Dirty F

Interview: Henry S. Miller

It's time for a wonderstruck interview! Hearing other people's stories is a great way to see things from a different perspective and perhaps find something new to apply to our own lives. Please welcome Henry S. Miller, author of The Serious Pursuit of Happiness: Everything You Need to Know to Flourish and Thrive and Inspiration for the Pursuit of Happiness: Wisdom to Guide your Journey to a Better Life . What have you been wonderstruck by recently? Kindness. When I take time to really notice the actions of others around me, examples of everyday kindness are everywhere. It’s amazing, really, that we are all so similar in our personal lives, our goals, and our wishes for our children, yet so divided religiously, ethnically, nationally, and globally on almost everything else – except perhaps music, a great unifier. Plato said in 400 B.C., “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” It was true then – and is still true today. I’ve found it’s easy and fun to be on t

Immersing Myself in My Life Work

Once again it's time to cast wishes with Jamie Ridler. This week she asks : What do you wish to immerse yourself in? I wish to immerse myself in my life work. Not just life and not just work, but a careful intertwining that means I'm not merely getting by, I'm doing something meaningful. I've started viewing what I want to do and how I want to spend my time as my life work. It means focusing on my core values including love, comfort, and safety- bringing them to myself and others. It means paying attention to what needs paying attention to and understanding that changes from moment to moment. In one moment it might mean focusing all of my attention on helping my toddler with a Donald Duck puzzle. In another moment it might mean focusing on writing a few paragraphs or speaking with a client. There will be moments where I need to listen, participate, accomplish, cook, lead, follow, or rest. Recognizing that all these moments, all these actions and activities, they all ser

Flecks #5

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: My judgment is a bit cloudy. I am registered for a 3 mile mud run with obstacles. It's tomorrow. I don't run. Nature is rich and saturated with color here as leaves change and begin to fall. Performing random small gestures of kindness for someone else lifts their day... and yours. (I dropped off hot chocolate and donuts to start my friend's day off right. She seemed to love it and my whole day was brighter.) Things I'm celebrating this week: It looks like I'll be able to continue my annual family photo book in the same style as previous years! In the past, I've always created them through iPhoto on the Mac. This year I'm back to a Windows laptop (meaning no iPhoto). A bit of research indicated that iPhoto albums are printed via . Now it's on my Windows computer and I'm building the album. Hooray for a unified set of p

Colors of Nature in the Fall

I am wonderstruck by the colors surrounding me everywhere I go. Fall is in full swing and it's gorgeous. What is it like where you are? Maybe you're on the other side of the world and are instead experiencing a spring awakening. What do you notice around you?

Allegiant Review (without spoilers)

After loving Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth, I preordered the final edition of the trilogy, Allegiant , as soon as I found it was available (I think that was May). Then I waited. If you've seen the reviews or heard discussions about it, you probably know a lot of people are upset. While I wasn't completely thrilled with it (as I was with the first two), I still came away liking it overall. Here are some of my thoughts, without spoilers. (If you have read it already and don't mind discussing it, see my other review with spoilers .) Let's start with the tough parts. The first thing that bothered me was where the book started. Divergent (the first book) had ended with some action resolved and some still underway, and Insurgent (book 2) picked up exactly sentence-for-sentence where Divergent left off. It was a straight continuation. We dove right into the action. Insurgent also ended with some action resolved and some still underway (and kind of "Holy c

The Hard Conversation that Heals

I'm feeling renewed today- like a whole new woman. Or really, more like the old me. Why? Because I had the hard conversation. Sometimes that's what you need. To muster up the courage to say, "I'm not happy and here's why." Then to listen as the other person says, "Well, I'm not happy either and here's why." To say, "What I really need from you is..." and then to listen as the other person says to you, "What I really need from you is... ." Because it's about partnership. Give and take. Understanding the other person's needs as well as your own. It's about letting all of the hurt come up and out so you can heal. Both of you. Together. Because when the partnership is broken, nobody wins. And when the partnership is in harmony, you both soar. The people around you might even soar. Because energy is that strong. And mine is renewed. I'm soaring.

Flecks #4

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: Halloween candy is expensive. Seriously. We don't have a ghost. The rattling I heard this morning that sounded like it was coming from a cabinet in our foyer, was really the Beware sign blowing around on the outside of our front door. Phew! What I like in specific web features. Behind the scenes, I am working on a web update with my cosmic crew. So exciting! Things I'm celebrating this week: The end of the Divergent series! I finished Allegiant and will be posting my review next week (versions with and without spoilers queued up and ready to go). A delightful call with a lovely new client. We clicked. I love that. Things that are resonating with me this week (likely because I still need to learn them): What Jennifer Louden said about giving privileged guilt the boot . Erin Giles's list of 18 quotes that will inspire you to just… give (of your time, money or