Favorite Teachers

Mr. Haddaway

Mrs. Ikeda

Mrs. Weiland

Mrs. Kuhl

Penelope Moon

Mrs. Andelora

Mr. Haddaway (6th grade) who showed me history can be amusing. Ms. Ballew (10th grade) who told me to keep a daily journal during a 10 day trip to German in lieu of giving me the actual assignments I missed. I still have that journal. Ms. Wiland (11th and 12th grade) who was my favorite math teacher and who made it a homework assignment to help a family that our class adopted for Christmas. Ms. Kuhl (10th-12th grade) who taught me how to dance, but also gave me most of the confidence I have today. Ms. Moon (in college) who taught me what the heck women were doing during history since they rarely appeared in the textbooks. Ms. Andelora (college) who taught me to write about what I love rather than the usual, boring preassigned topics. She is the reason I am a writer now.


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