Flecks #5

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As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating.

Things I learned this week:

  • My judgment is a bit cloudy. I am registered for a 3 mile mud run with obstacles. It's tomorrow. I don't run.

  • Nature is rich and saturated with color here as leaves change and begin to fall.

  • Performing random small gestures of kindness for someone else lifts their day... and yours. (I dropped off hot chocolate and donuts to start my friend's day off right. She seemed to love it and my whole day was brighter.)

Things I'm celebrating this week:

  • It looks like I'll be able to continue my annual family photo book in the same style as previous years! In the past, I've always created them through iPhoto on the Mac. This year I'm back to a Windows laptop (meaning no iPhoto). A bit of research indicated that iPhoto albums are printed via MyPublisher.com. Now it's on my Windows computer and I'm building the album. Hooray for a unified set of photo books!

  • Wonderful clients. I have the best clients.

  • We had our first of what will be weekly family nights- everyone stays home and we do something together. This week it was a harmonica jam with my teenage stepson playing and my toddler skipping along behind him pretending to play music on a large lego piece. Then we snuggled in for a movie. So much fun!

Things that got my attention this week:

Accepting the Need for Hope by Sara McClellan wherein she says:
Why do so many kids seem oblivious to time and have “endless summers?” It’s because they are living right now, with an innocent hope for simple things and still willing to lean for their needs.

Yet another thing we can learn from children. To live in the now and be willing to be helped.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary's About page. And that she calls herself Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. She's on my list now. (You know... my reading list. Not that other kind of list. Oh, nevermind.)

Hey, it's okay to call me Chinese by Kevin Cheung, because political correctness gets out of hand sometimes.

San Francisco to Transform into Gotham for Boy's Batman Make-A-Wish. This is pure awesome.


  1. Thank you for the lovely mention and for highlighting the innocent joy children bring to our lives. Wonderful re-fleck-tions for the week!


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