The Hard Conversation that Heals

I'm feeling renewed today- like a whole new woman. Or really, more like the old me.

Why? Because I had the hard conversation.

Sometimes that's what you need. To muster up the courage to say, "I'm not happy and here's why." Then to listen as the other person says, "Well, I'm not happy either and here's why."

To say, "What I really need from you is..." and then to listen as the other person says to you, "What I really need from you is... ."

Because it's about partnership. Give and take. Understanding the other person's needs as well as your own.

It's about letting all of the hurt come up and out so you can heal. Both of you. Together.

Because when the partnership is broken, nobody wins. And when the partnership is in harmony, you both soar. The people around you might even soar.

Because energy is that strong. And mine is renewed.

I'm soaring.


  1. Such a wise post. Soaring alone is exciting but there is nothing stronger than when we soar together.


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