Day 14: Kickin' It Old Skool Blog Challenge

Throughout December I am Kickin’ It Old Skool with Jamie Ridler, Shannon Ridler, and a whole group of other creative bloggers. We’re bringing back the days when blogging was fun and not just another chore on the social media frontier. Join in any time! The more the merrier.

It's another one sentence Saturday only this time we have specific instructions. Take the third book on your top shelf and share the first sentence.

Well, I have several bookcases and, therefore, several choices. As soon as I saw Edgar Allan Poe was an option, I grabbed his anthology.

Bypassing the dry introduction written by someone else, the first entry by Poe is the poem "Tamerlane" which begins...
Kind solace in a dying hour!

He had a knack for choosing just the right words, kicking off his poems and short stories with lines that make you want to read the rest.

Definitely one of my favorite writers.

Old Skool Badge Rounded with stars 200 x 200


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