Tipping the Balance Back to the Physical

My poor body. It is quite upset with me I think.

I've spent much of the past month in front of my computer editing a criminal law textbook. (Yep, you read that right.) 1,100-some pages on my computer screen.

You know that feeling you get when you stare at a screen too long and your eyes and your head start to feel weird and fuzzy? I'm much too familiar with that feeling right now.

This whole project reminded me about my desires in life. My day job consisted of working at a computer all day every day for 10 years. When I left work to stay at home with my son, I was determined to never return to that kind of life.

I love computers. I've been using them since I was young thanks to my dad who taught me way back on an Atari. Computers are valuable tools.

But that's all I want them to be. I want my computer to be a tool. Something I use in small doses to write, research, and connect. I don't want to be tied to my computer for hours each day.

It's not just my eyes that suffer for it. It's my whole body. Just in these few weeks I've lost flexibility. And motions that wouldn't normally bother me are painful.

I couldn't lift my arm over my head yesterday to take my sweater off. What?! That's not okay.

So now, my big project is finished. This week I intend to move my body often. In fact, this morning I've already gone grocery shopping, chopped up some food for the crockpot, and went out in the new falling snow to feed the ducks. Those small acts felt really good.

Maybe I'll try a little yoga or pilates. I'll probably turn up some music and dance. I'll definitely limit my screen time.

I need to restore the balance of activity in my daily life- move, stretch, bend, reach, and work with my hands. It's time to reconnect physically.

Do you have any suggestions for me? What are your favorite ways to move?


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