Flecks #15


As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating.

Things I learned this week:

  • To move gently through pain.

  • To be patient with myself.

  • To be patient with my family.

  • That having a meal plan in place for the week takes the stress out of cooking. Instead of daily decisions, there was one day of deciding and the rest of simply consulting my plan. (Even better that my husband chose one meal for the week and my stepson chose another, leaving me with even fewer decisions to make at the beginning of the week.)

  • To pull over on the side of the road and capture beautiful scenery in a photograph rather than driving by thinking, "That would be a pretty picture." (The horse photo is in one of this week's pauses.)

Things I'm celebrating this week:

  • An invitation.

  • A lot of time with friends.

  • Writing.

  • Pausing mid-scurry to appreciate the moment rather than rushing my toddler along.

  • Progress.

Things that are resonating with me this week:

I'm currently reading The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul by Danielle LaPorte and learning how to identify the feelings I want to have and set goals from there, rather than arbitrary goals that just sound good.

I'm learning that, in this moment, what I most desire is to feel unencumbered. So that is what I'm focusing on intently right now.

What did you learn this week? What are you celebrating? Leave a comment and I'll share a "Woohoo!"


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