So That's What Was Missing


I've had a bit of a revelation in the last few days. My frustration comes not just from back pain and the flu as I mentioned earlier this week. Certainly, that's part of it.

The bigger issue is that since Christmas break, I haven't been able to maintain my routines. I haven't gotten as much done as I normally do. I haven't taken time to write (which always leaves me cranky- you'd think I'd learn that by now). I haven't read my favorite bloggers. I haven't taken much time for introspection, journaling, self-discovery, or play.

The flu definitely wreaked havoc on my routine, but so did snow. The snow not only inhibited my ability to run errands, but also to get things done around the house. School cancellations kept the kids home, delayed openings made for late starts all around. Yet there were still a lot of appointments and meetings and get togethers. Even the weekends have been full of activity.

Life has been full, which can be good, but can become overwhelming, too.

It's left very little quiet time. And I need quiet time.

Yesterday my mother-in-law came to watch my toddler for two hours. During that time I ran one quick errand, then went to the library and wrote for a full hour. Then I packed up my stuff and took the scenic route home, pulling over a couple of times to take pictures of the snow (like the one at the beginning of this post).

Quiet, space, and creativity. That's what was missing.

So this morning after I dropped my toddler off at nursery school (and their belated-due-to-snow-closures Valentine's party), I once again ran a quick errand, tackled a "to do," then took my notebook and pen to a diner (where I wrote this post, incidentally). Quiet, space and creativity.

It's not easy to make time for seemingly frivolous things, but if they contribute to my overall well-being and contentment, it's worth carving out an hour.

Let's bust through the cold, fog, and crowdedness. What do you most need right now? Carve out some time whether it's 30 minutes or several hours. Refill your soul's well.


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