Flecks #20

2014-04-06 16.16.36

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating.

So, let's talk about this week.

Things I learned this week:

  • If a banana peel flies through the air and lands in your lap, you may need to watch your toddler more closely.

  • Our ducks have gotten brazen in their exploration of our yard, the neighbor's yard and, as of this morning, the neighbor's neighbor's yard. So... we need a fence or something I think.

  • That I don't need to have a vegetable garden area. That I can use some weird, slim strips of yard for "edible landscaping."

Things I'm celebrating this week:

  • A visit with my best friend. She drove four hours each way to see me last weekend (reason number 1,426,792 that she is awesome).

  • Feeling good.

  • Progress.

  • Spring weather!

  • Buds on the trees!

  • Beginning a new journal.

  • Newsletter and Wonder Seeker challenge sign-ups! Thank you to all wonder seekers! (Want in? Details and sign-up are here.)

Things that are resonating with me this week:

This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart by Susannah Conway. I started to write about it here, but I had more to say than I realized, so I moved it to its own post (coming soon).

For now I'll say that this has joined just a few other books that I consider to be amazing. I loved everything about it and will be revisiting it again and again.

soap box and {in.body} by Robin Sandomirsky at Soyala - A reminder to breathe and live and do at your own pace, not the one being set for you.

Little Girls, Get Up! Get Up and Eat by Glennon Doyle Melton at Momastery - Our kids want us to be happy, not perfect or thinner or cooler. So what makes you happy? More of that please!

What We've Got to Tell Kids About Living Extraordinary by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience - Wherein she says, "The realest extraordinary is always found in the ordinary. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when the eyes see the extra glory right here."

How to Come Back to Your Dream After Heartbreak by Victoria Brouhard - With this wisdom: "What allowed me to reconnect with my dream was being willing to let it go, and to put my own needs before the needs of my dream. (The truth, though, is that your dream’s number one need is for you to get what you need.)"

Alisha Sommer's writing process - Because sometimes as moms we have to squeeze it in where we can.

Your turn:

What did you learn this week? What are you celebrating? Leave a comment and I'll share a "Woohoo!"

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