Gray Day for Working on My Work


Gray days are mood changing. Yesterday's gray had me feeling a little sad, a little introspective, and a lot sleepy.

Today's gray is different. Today's gray feels just the right amount of hunker-down-in-my-office-while-everyone-is-out-of-the-house-and-work-on-my-work. (Yes, I know I said "work" twice, but that's what I'm doing.)


Because no one can do my work but me. And because I have a Wonder Seeker Challenge to polish. (If you don't yet know about the Wonder Seeker, seek the details and sign up here.)


And if I get stuck, I can look out the window and watch Squackers and Buttons explore.


How could a scene like that leave anyone feeling sad?


I'm thankful for this space and for these precious quiet two hours of just me.

Wishing you a wonderstruck day and a moment of quiet with just you.


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