Growing Green Onions


I heard you could re-grow green onions from your grocery store leftovers. It sounded easy enough, almost like magic.

Well, I've had people tell me things are easy before and it doesn't always turn out to be true for me. This, however, actually was super easy, so I'm sharing. Here is what you do:

Step 1: After using the green ends from your onions, take the leftover root parts and put them in a glass of water on your windowsill.

Step 2: That's it. There is no step two. (Okay, maybe step two is to change the water every few days. It will evaporate or be soaked up anyway, so you'll see it needs refilling.)

I did just that and here is what happened over the next week...






That's all there was to it. Within one week of going in the water they looked nearly like what I originally brought home from the store.

Since then I cut them again to add to one night's dinner, then stuck them right back in the water. So far, they are growing again.

Perhaps re-growing green onions really is like magic.


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