Summer Magic


Hi. One little word. Two letters. The easiest of words to begin with and the only place I can think to start after my long pause from blogging.

As you may recall, toward the end of May I announced that I was taking a short hiatus. Definitely through the end of May. Perhaps into June depending on what felt right. It turns out what felt right was most of the summer.

For a while I pulled away from most social media and websites. During that time I began to remember what it was like to live untethered. Free from checking my phone mindlessly every five minutes. Free from the time-suck that is Pinterest. Ignorant to the mutterings of Facebook, the chatter of Twitter, and all the noise that I previously allowed into my days.

The break was just what I needed. And as I slowly returned to certain platforms, I did so mindfully. Careful not to allow it to take over. I found where my interests and my limits were. I learned that I love Instagram for its simple visual stories. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

As for real life, it's been busy as it often is. Baseball tournaments, visits from friends, my best friend's wedding, and significant progress on potential next steps.

Summer has been full. Sometimes I think too full. Often in the moment when things feel unnecessarily troublesome or time consuming. But when I look back I feel happy about it. Something about memory hides the stress and puts a shiny glow on everything.

When I sat down at my computer this morning, I had no idea I would write a blog post. In fact, I thought I'd probably wait until September to jump back in. In this moment, however, the time feels right.

And as I've written this from my kitchen table, I've watched a family of deer meander through my backyard and a hummingbird hover above a feeder that needs to be filled. Everyday magic is all around.

Below is a glimpse of just some of the magic I experienced this summer. How has your summer been? What magic have you found?

2014-08-10 20.15.20
2014-08-07 11.22.11
2014-08-07 19.26.38-2
2014-07-20 18.13.55
Sara's wedding - Sherri and Sara
2014-07-10 13.32.00-1
2014-07-10 11.58.12
2014-07-10 11.55.20
2014-07-24 20.24.48


  1. What a beautiful post. I love the pictures and the wonderful moments they represent. Such a perfect way to remind us of what is important. As you know I too stepped away from the computer this summer. I just wrote my first blog post yesterday and it felt good. Now to get back to taking pictures to capture the magical moments that happen each day. Welcome back!

  2. Glad your back
    The pictures are beautiful! :)


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