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My Biggest Lesson from Painting (which is surprisingly universal to life)

Is there something you have thought about trying, but never did because you thought you didn't have time, or you didn't know how to start, or you didn't have anyone to teach you, or you think you won't be able to do it anyway, or... whatever millions of reasons you've convinced yourself are true? For me, one of those things was painting. I always liked the idea of painting. I like looking at other people's painted artwork and seeing how they do it. It was one of those things that I thought I might like to try one day, except I'm not really an artist. I don't know anything about paints, or drawing for that matter. Then one day this spring, I found out about a watercolor class being offered to adults in my small town. It was three nights, no experience necessary, supplies included, $30. It was just the opening I needed. It would let me try out this whole painting thing without committing to a long-term class and without spending tons of money. I talked to

One of My Favorite Introspective Practices

Well, I've talked about it in passing before, but I've decided to finally make the leap: I am now offering card readings. For more than 15 years I've used medicine cards, oracle cards, wisdom cards, and the like to learn more about myself. If I'm feeling confused, lost, or even curious or excited, I often pull a few cards as a way of pulling myself out of my own head and thinking about life in a different way. It's a practice that has been calming, enlightening, and sometimes clarifying (especially when I pair it with journaling). Outside of myself, I have read cards for a few close friends, but haven't talked about it much outside of what you might call my inner circle. This summer that changed when I offered a reading to someone I met in an online writing group, someone who lived in a different hemisphere, someone I may never get to meet in real life (though I hope I do!). Then she told a friend in a completely different country, so I did one for her, too. The

I'm a Thing Doer… or something

Last weekend I did a job I've never done before. My father-in-law was producing the annual Doo-Wop concert in Bristol, Pennsylvania. I've worked this show in years past as his photographer, but haven't been to the show in the last few years. This year one of his usual helpers was unable to attend, so he asked me to fill in. My job, he explained, would be to drive the stars from the hospitality building to the stage and back again. So over the course of the day I drove them back and forth a few blocks for soundchecks, then showtime. I was outfitted with a two-way radio and a flashing red light for my truck. The talent, as my father-in-law calls them, were the Street Corner 5, The Excellents, Charles Thomas and The Drifters (in the photo above with me and my stepson's friend), Shirley Alston Reeves of The Shirelles, and The Happenings. All are comprised of marvelous people. We talked, we joked, we laughed. Charlie Thomas greeted me with a hug. Ms. Reeves said, "Thank