How to See the World Through the Eyes of a Child


We were visiting our new farm (if you missed that story, catch up here) and I was snapping pictures as I often do there (I've amassed quite a collection already). While poised for some close-ups of little yellow flowers, three-year-old Jonas said he wanted to take pictures of the flowers, too.

My first thought was to say no because it's a camera and he's three. Then I realized I had my pocket-sized point-and-shoot which is a good size for him and I was there to supervise, so why not? In this digital age, I don't have to worry about him using up film. So I let him play.

As I looked back through the photographs, I realized how awesome it was to see the world through his eyes. I got to see what he thought was significant, the things that drew his attention. All by simply handing him a camera.

Because he is so perfectly un-adult, he doesn't worry about things like composition or lighting or focal point. He says, "Mommy, I'm going to take a picture of yellow flowers!" and then he does. (There's a lesson there for all of us.) He literally points and shoots.

Here are a few of his shots from that day...




IMG_4212 IMG_4248


What do you think? Budding photographer?



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