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About that Card Reading Stuff

Last week my dad asked me a question that I've been dreading: "What's all this card reading stuff you talk about?"

To which I replied, "Oh! You've been on my website. Thank you!" Of course, that wasn't really an answer. The answer turned into a 2-hour phone conversation--probably the longest we've ever had. And it was great!

You see my dad is an engineer. He is one of the most logical people I know. He likes things to be concrete with solid scientific data. Cards don't really fall into that realm.

When I decided to speak up more about my card readings and add them to my website last year, I knew he would see it eventually and I knew it would require explanation. I had that "wait 'til Dad finds out..." dread. Because apparently I'm still 10.

What I told him is that cards to me are a wonderful conversation starter. Not in the "hey, Dad, let's talk cards" kind of way. Rather in the conversation with your inner self k…

The End (31 Days of Nest Building: day 31)

I did it! I wrote for 31 days straight on a single topic! Who knew?

This month of writing has covered my second month in this new-to-us home. The house and I have become acquainted. We have learned how each other works and lives. We have settled into each others’ eccentricities.

During this month I have explored my town and tried new restaurants. Tonight we will meet more neighbors when we go to our first Halloween party down the street. We still have a lot to see and relationships to build.

Through the process of moving, I have learned about myself. I have learned what makes me comfortable or not. I have learned how important it is to set intentions and live into them. I have learned how much I love the concept of home—a topic I will continue to explore.

When I began the 31 Days challenge, I honestly wasn’t sure I had enough to write about. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up the pace of a new post everyday. Yet, the further I made it, the less I wanted to miss a day. Some posts wen…

Nest Building by the Numbers (31 Days of Nest Building: day 30)

Before this series comes to a close tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to review this move a little more statistically. Here are the numbers:

People who helped me move: 4
Birdhouses that came with the house: 3
Birds I've seen in the houses: 0
Vines infiltrating house: 2
Spiders and ants evicted: 5 bajillion (approximately)
Baseballs found in ductwork: 1
Marbles found in garbage disposal: 3
Paint colors when we moved in: 8
Paint colors now: 4
Kitchen drawers: 2
Kitchen drawers that were usable upon move-in: 1
Things that have broken since we moved in: 7
Indoor minor floods: 2
Nights without heat or air conditiong: 5
Service repairs: 8
Trips to Home Depot: 11
Gallons of water used in first month according to water bill: 22,000
Gallons of water used per month by an average family: 6,000
First full month’s electric bill: $708
Units of electricity the company was off by when they sent their bill: 2,000
Corrected electric bill: $138
Visitors: 13
Overnight visitors: 4

Throughout October, I will be continuing t…

One Thing to Do Right Now to Lighten the Energy in Your House (31 Days of Nest Building: Day 29)

Is your home (or office) feeling a bit stale or stagnant? There may be one thing you can do right now to start turning that energy around. It will probably take you less than 5 minutes.

Take out the garbage. All of it.

Take out the kitchen garbage and all of the other garbage cans around your house—the little bathroom cans, the one in your office… wherever they are go empty them.

Get all of that unneeded, old, broken, used up, dried out, crumpled, smelly stuff out of your house. Stuff is energy. Your garbage? Energy. Do you really want garbage energy where you are trying to cook or work or cleanse?

If left too long, it can become a an energy drain so get it out of your house. I bet you'll notice the difference.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

The Story of the Vanity (31 Days of Nest Building: day 28)

The project I am the most proud of in this house is my bathroom vanity.

On our first day here, we ripped out the master bathroom vanity. It had bubbled and chipped wood inside presumably from a previous leak. It also had a “secret” drawer at the toe-kick which would have been quite neat if it closed all the way. But to balance out the drawer that wouldn’t open in the kitchen, we had the drawer that wouldn’t close. The reason it wouldn't close is it bumped into the pipes which ran up through the floor to get to the sink.

[caption id="attachment_3954" align="alignnone" width="335"] BEFORE[/caption]

So out the vanity went. We saved the countertop with the idea of replacing the old vanity with one of the same size, then we would simply put the countertop back on.

Well, things went awry, as they do. When we pulled out the vanity, we were left with a rectangular hole in the vinyl flooring that revealed the previous vinyl floor underneath. That’s right, the floo…

What is Your Home's Numerology? (31 Days of Nest Building: day 27)

Have you heard of numerology? In case you haven’t, Wikipedia defines it as “belief in divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.” There are plenty of books or websites where you can learn what your number is (yes, you have one) and what that says about your personality.

Well, I was reading Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home by Denise Linn and found out numerology can be applied to addresses. Addresses!

So, of course, I figured out my house’s number. To do this you basically keep adding the digits of your house number together until you are left with a single digit. So if your house number was 1209, for example, you would add 1 + 2 + 0 + 9 which equals 12. This isn’t a single digit yet, so you add 1 + 2 = 3. This address would be a three.

My house is a two. A home with a two vibration is supposed to be good for connecting couples. Additionally, Linn says…
“Living in a Two home you will have a strong desire for peace and harmo…

The Most Important Phase of Nest Building (31 Days of Nest Building: day 26)

Moving is more than a process. It’s a journey.

Beyond the physical aspects of moving—the packing, hauling, and unpacking—the work of moving continues.

Arranging is the next step. This is the time where you find places for your stuff, figure out what goes where, how your space will function, and how to organize accordingly. This is where you begin to meet your home. You learn what it is and what it isn’t, as well as who you are and who you aren’t.

Then it’s time to personalize. You add knick-knacks and sentimental pieces—the things that make it feel like your space, not just a space.

For me (and some people have written to me to say for them also) there is the repair phase. With my previously-owned home, there were things that needed care, things that needed to be fixed or replaced, and (as you know if you’ve been keeping up with this series) things that broke along the way and had to be added to the ever-growing repair list. Fortunately that list has begun to shrink.

Now I am realizing a n…

I Tackled the Garage. And Won. (31 Days of Nest Building: day 25)

When we first moved in to this house the garage became a sort of storage holding ground. Furniture came into the house, boxes stayed in the garage and were brought in as they were unpacked.

Well, I had gotten to about 80% unpacked then stalled. This weekend I made a lot of progress. So much progress that my car is now parked in the garage.

Let me repeat so you can understand my excitement: MY CAR IS NOW PARKED IN THE GARAGE!

That means as we head into frosty mornings, we will be able to stay a bit warmer and drier. This is huge.

As for the stuff that was in the garage, I unpacked the last few remaining boxes. Extra dining room chairs, seasonal items, and clothes for my son to grow into moved to the basement. Gardening supplies were organized on the garage shelves. Outdoor toys were tucked into the corner of the garage.

This was a tremendous leap in organizing and space clearing. And, in case I didn't mention it, I can now park in the garage. Yay!

Throughout October, I will be continuing…

Home is a Feeling (31 Days of Nest Building: day 24)

Home is not a place. It's a feeling.

To me, home is safe. It is peaceful. It is kind and loving. It is comfortable and supportive. It is a place to sink in, curl up, or stretch out. A place where you can learn to fly, but still return to open arms at any time.

What feeling do you get from yours?

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

The Most Boring Post Yet. Thankfully. (31 Days of Nest Building: day 23)

Last Friday I wrote a week in review post. I thought I’d try it again. Here we go…
What’s New:
Not much. The house has really come together over the past few weeks and I found myself happy with it’s current status. I think the only new thing to come in was my very first Reiki News Magazine.

Oh, and we closed on the sale of our old home, so YAY!

Oh, and my revised electric bill came in. You may recall a meter reading error resulted in a $700 bill for my first full month’s service. The corrected total was $138. Phew!

So I guess there was news.
Ongoing Repairs:
Dare I say none? After weeks of HVAC and plumbing, this week was blissfully quiet. Actually, I guess there was one thing: the fallen tree was taken care of by the landscapers when they came for the last lawn mowing of the season.
Unexpected Surprises:
I really can’t think of any.

Wow. This is a supremely boring post. And you know what? I am so grateful for that--couldn't be happier. It may be a sign that things are settling.

Happy Friday…

Garden Dreaming (31 Days of Nest Building: day 22)

Today was beautiful--sunny, warm, absolutely perfect temperature for being outside. I soaked it up while working in the community garden in my “old” town. I’ve worked in the garden there for the past few years and, since the move, it’s been two months since I’ve seen it.

Two friends and I cleared the garden beds, pulling the old plants for the compost pile, saving the last of the tomatoes, eggplant, butternut squash, chard, kale, and parsley. We pulled a soil sample to send for testing. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

I didn’t plant a garden this year because we were moving. Now I’m looking ahead to the spring to start one at the new place. I think I’ll spend the next season deciding where to plant and figuring out what I will need to get started.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

The Ants Go Marching On (31 Days of Nest Building: day 21)

Well, I thought I had taken care of the ant problem.

A few weeks ago, I found some ants on my front door threshold—mostly outside, but a few had started to make their way in. I sprinkled a line of cornmeal, which doesn’t work on contact, but does seem to get rid of the ants over a few days. I haven’t seen anymore ants by my front door.

This week, however, I’ve noticed an ant here and there inside the house. Not by the front door, and never in the same place twice. I found one in my powder room, one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom, two on the upstairs hallway ceiling…

Today, I found some in my pantry. More than a few, but less than a full army. I fought back with Windex, which does kill on contact. I got rid of everything crawling in the pantry, then with a couple friends’ suggestions, I picked up some ant traps.

The traps are now placed strategically around my house. Guess I’ll be evicting unwanted tenants for a while yet.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting a…

Meeting the Neighbors (31 Days of Nest Building: day 20)

In this series, I’ve talked about settling into this new-to-us house and exploring the town. Today I want to talk about the people, specifically my neighbors.

It’s quite possible that I have the best neighbors.

I first introduced myself to the woman next door the day of our home inspection. She was doing some yard work, so I popped over to say hi. She seemed very nice. We traded phone numbers that day.

A few days after moving in, she dropped by on her way home from work with a bottle of wine to welcome me to the neighborhood. That’s when I knew I was lucky to have her for a neighbor.

A few days after that, a neighbor from down the street dropped by to introduce herself. She brought homemade chocolate cookies and a card. The cookies were still warm from the oven. *swoon*

The family across the street are lovely women who all work at my son’s school and greet me with smiles and big “hi, neighbor” waves whether at home or at school.

Then there was that drive-by Halloween party invitation I rece…

Our New Morning Ritual (31 Days of Nest Building: day 19)

When the morning light shines through the front windows, rainbows visit.

My son and I have made it our mission to discover these rainbows each and every morning.

Our own little magic scavenger hunt. Our new morning ritual.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

Decorating for the Holidays (31 Days of Nest Building: day 18)

With most boxes unpacked, furniture in place, we are settling into everyday life in this new space.

Now we are headed into the holiday season beginning with Halloween two weeks away, so today my son and I decorated.

My son anxiously pulled out each item from the Halloween box quicker than I could keep up with. We laid everything out deciding which things to use.

But there was something I didn't anticipate about holidays. I don't know where things go. Having been in our previous house for so long, we had designated places for decorations. But this is a new place with a new layout. Where do things go?

I've hung the "Beware" sign on our front door. It's cheap painted styrofoam that looked perfectly haunting on our previous wooden castle door (as we affectionately called it because of the iron cross bars), but looks like... well... cheap painted styrofoam on this front door. So I will probably find a new place for that.

The stuffed cartoon vampire used to hang from on…

Beautiful Words About Home (31 Days of Nest Building: day 17)

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. ~Maya Angelou
Home is where one starts from. ~T. S. Eliot
Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach
Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

Embracing Steady Progress (31 Days of Nest Building: day 16)

It’s been a week of steady progress at the house. Steady is a word I'm embracing this week. Steady means no major highs and no major lows. Given the unpredictability of the relationship between this house and me, I welcome steady.
What’s New:

The mums bloomed like crazy this week!
I bought and assembled a new cabinet from Target for the foyer. The one I’ve had my eye on for over a month now was on sale. Woohoo!
I bought a “poof” from Target (also on sale!) to prop up my feet in the living room. It’s basically a large cube-shaped pillow. So far it seems durable and I love that it’s light and easy to move to a different seat or even tuck away in a corner.
I’m beginning to think about hanging artwork on the walls and bought two frames: one for a Dark Faerie print I’ve had for a while and one for my son’s masterpieces.

Ongoing Repairs:

The HVAC guy came back this morning to redo ductwork that was falling apart and to hook up the vent to my bedroom that wasn’t attached to the actual heating a…

I Didn't Notice That Before (31 Days of Nest Building: day 15)

Yesterday I mentioned I would miss the Fall colors of the woods behind my old house. Today I caught this sight outside of my new front door.

I still miss the woods, but now I know where to find color.

Hello, Fall trees.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.

What I Will Miss (31 Days of Nest Building: day 14)

Today we cleared the rest of our stuff out of the house we are selling. The leaves were all changing colors in the woods behind it. The green was being taken over with bright golds and oranges.

I will miss that.

I will miss those woods. The quiet, the colors, the wildlife. That was one of my favorite things about that house.

My other favorite thing was the bathtub. It was one of those large, deep, oddly shaped tubs—sort of a wedge.

I used it often.

I sunk into that tub to warm up from a winter chill, to heat sore muscles, to retreat after sensory overload, to relax with a book.

The only bathtub in my new-to-me house is a tub/shower combo. It’s small and shallow leaving half my body out of the water. The head end of the tub slopes right into the wall pushing my neck at an uncomfortable angle. And the no-slip bottom is like sandpaper to my own bottom.

It’s just not the same thing.

There is plenty to love here, just as there was plenty to love there. But if you want to know what I miss, it’s the…

The Kitchen Drawer that Wouldn't Open (31 Days of Nest Building: day 13)

Every house has its eccentricities I suppose. This one had plenty. Perhaps the most perplexing, though, was the kitchen drawer situation.

In my kitchen, there are precisely two drawers—a fair number fewer than my previous home, or any home that I’ve lived in for that matter. I didn’t panic, though. There seemed to be enough cabinets and a large pantry, so I figured whatever I used to store in drawers could simply be stored elsewhere.

I decided on the drawer next to the sink for silverware, but there was one small problem. When I opened the drawer it stopped about three inches open. The drawer had run into the oven door handle (which is perpendicular to it). I closed the drawer and tried again (because certainly that would work) and once again it ran into the oven and stopped just three inches open.

I was baffled. I’m still baffled actually. How did the previous homeowners use that drawer? Did they use it?

Sure, I could cut my losses and decide that drawer was decorative, not functional. B…

Sweeping Outdoors is My Meditation (31 Days of Nest Building: day 12)

I’ve found that I really like sweeping outdoors.

I have a small porch and a large deck. There is something about being outside clearing those spaces that makes me feel alive.

Sweeping indoors doesn’t give me the same feeling, incidentally. Indoors sweeping is small with a goal of collecting the debris in a dustpan. I’m always left trying to trick that last line of dust up over the lip of the dustpan. Mostly I’m left with the feeling of “Okay, that’s done.”

Outdoors… that’s a different story. Outdoors requires a heavier sweep. A forceful movement with a shuffing sound. Outdoors I’m not collecting debris in a tidy pile. I’m corralling it and sending it off into the grass.

Leaves make a nostalgic crinkling sound reminding me that Fall is still a time for great adventure.

Sweeping outdoors is gratifying, empowering even. It rouses my energy and beckons me to stay outside to enjoy the space I’ve just cleared.

When I sweep the porch, I feel like I’m taking care of my house. Turns out, it’s also a…

Exploring the Town with My First House Guest (31 Days of Nest Building: day 11)

Remember last weekend when I said my weekends mostly involve working on the house? This weekend was a treat. One of my best friends visited and we had all sorts of fun while exploring local sights and this small town. (Oh, and in case you're wondering what looks different about me... I got 8 inches of hair cut off.)

We drove out to Longwood Gardens for the Nightscapes exhibit. We binge-watched How to Get Away with Murder. We snacked on black pepper turkey and muenster cheese from the Amish market then went back to the Amish market for more. We went on a Ghost Walk (a 1-mile walk and discussion of this history and hauntings on Main Street). We had delicious foods at local restaurants (sweet potato fries sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and dipped in vanilla cheesecake dip was one of my favorites). We walked antique shops and sipped on a new locally-made coffee.

Part of moving into a new house is exploring the community. Part of it is welcoming your first guests. I got to do both.


Mysteries Solved (31 Days of Nest Building: day 10)

It’s Saturday morning and I woke up at 6:50 a.m. for no good reason. I was just awake.

But as often happens, “for no good reason” really had a reason.

I came downstairs to get some juice and heard water running through pipes somewhere. I checked all the toilets, but none were running (I’d had some previous leaks fixed). I tried to track the sound but it seemed to be in several places in the walls. I checked outside to see if a hose bib was running and that’s when I saw sprinklers running at the back edge of my yard. It was hard to tell at first whether the sprinklers were in my yard or the neighbors, but it appeared they were (mostly) pointed toward my yard.

I knew there were sprinklers in my yard but I had never seen them on. This morning they were on but only at that back edge. Nothing anywhere else in the yard was running.

I went to the basement to check the water meter to confirm if they were my sprinklers and sure enough water was flowing through the pipes. I found the valve to shut …

My Favorite Time of Day in this House (31 Days of Nest Building: day 9)

My favorite time of day in this house is just after dark. It brings a closeness unlike any other part of the day. The crickets hum a soft backdrop to an otherwise hush.

I keep the lights dim. No need for any harsh intrusions.

This is the time when the house feels its softest, when I can forget the repair list and sink into its arms.

The time of day when anything feels possible and dreams perk up.

Just after dark.

Throughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.