Peace and Clearing Snow


Snow has quietly covered our corner of the world again. Not much. About 6 inches or so. Enough that it required clearing before my husband could drive to his office.

So out we went—he with the snowblower, I with a giant broom—and we cleared. He slowly, methodically cleared one strip of snow after another. I carefully brushed snow from our vehicles, taking joy in each puffing sound as it landed at my feet. Then I moved on to shoveling the front steps and skimming the end of the driveway.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I realized I was at peace. I didn’t mind the work I was doing. Because I had bundled up properly, I wasn’t even cold. I was doing what needed to be done. My husband was outside working with me. The kids were inside. No one was asking me for anything.

Once inside there would be breakfast to make, sons to tend to, things to be cleaned, and deadlines to meet.

Outside this morning there was nothing to worry about but the snow. That singular focus brought more freedom and peace than I ever would have imagined.


  1. I miss snow. I always enjoyed that peaceful silence that seemed to follow almost every snowfall. I can totally see how interacting with it can be a tranquil experience :)


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