Why is slowing down so hard?

[caption id="attachment_3644" align="alignnone" width="500"]from the Love Your True Colors Oracle Deck by Outiart from the Love Your True Colors Oracle Deck by Outiart[/caption]

As I do most mornings, I began today by drawing an oracle card. Today’s message was “Slow Down.” I scoffed. Not that it isn’t a good message. It absolutely is.

However, today time was on my side. I had a lot to do and plenty of time to do it. Then a weird thing happened.

My first stop was to drop by the preschool’s office. While there I was asked to hold on while a phone call was answered. The longer the phone call went on, the more antsy I got. My mind raced with, I have things to do! Places to go! This was just a quick stop.

After that was a trip to the dry cleaner during which I got a phone call. Then I sat in the parking lot waiting to wrap up the call before going in. Things to do! Places to go! Quick stop!

This pattern repeated as I stopped at the cafe for a half hour of writing that I scheduled for myself (another phone call), then waiting to order my drink where the person in front of me kept apologizing for how long his order was taking. “No problem,” I said. “I have time today.” Meanwhile I was feeling the antsy tick-tock within me urging the universe to nudge things along.

Then I thought of that card.

Slow down.

Ohhhh. So maybe this message was meant for me. I tried to relax. Maybe it worked a little. I got my half hour of writing in and I went home.

Alas, immediately upon arriving, I rushed to the mailbox, raced around moving laundry from one machine to another and gathering the next batch, so I could get on with an hour of client work before preschool pick-up.

And yet, I had time. Slow down. Take it easy. It will get done.

Why is this such a hard lesson?

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