I Tackled the Garage. And Won. (31 Days of Nest Building: day 25)

When we first moved in to this house the garage became a sort of storage holding ground. Furniture came into the house, boxes stayed in the garage and were brought in as they were unpacked.

Well, I had gotten to about 80% unpacked then stalled. This weekend I made a lot of progress. So much progress that my car is now parked in the garage.

Let me repeat so you can understand my excitement: MY CAR IS NOW PARKED IN THE GARAGE!

That means as we head into frosty mornings, we will be able to stay a bit warmer and drier. This is huge.

As for the stuff that was in the garage, I unpacked the last few remaining boxes. Extra dining room chairs, seasonal items, and clothes for my son to grow into moved to the basement. Gardening supplies were organized on the garage shelves. Outdoor toys were tucked into the corner of the garage.

This was a tremendous leap in organizing and space clearing. And, in case I didn't mention it, I can now park in the garage. Yay!

31days-webThroughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.


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