The Ants Go Marching On (31 Days of Nest Building: day 21)

Well, I thought I had taken care of the ant problem.

A few weeks ago, I found some ants on my front door threshold—mostly outside, but a few had started to make their way in. I sprinkled a line of cornmeal, which doesn’t work on contact, but does seem to get rid of the ants over a few days. I haven’t seen anymore ants by my front door.

This week, however, I’ve noticed an ant here and there inside the house. Not by the front door, and never in the same place twice. I found one in my powder room, one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom, two on the upstairs hallway ceiling…

Today, I found some in my pantry. More than a few, but less than a full army. I fought back with Windex, which does kill on contact. I got rid of everything crawling in the pantry, then with a couple friends’ suggestions, I picked up some ant traps.

The traps are now placed strategically around my house. Guess I’ll be evicting unwanted tenants for a while yet.

31days-webThroughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.


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