Weekends are for House Projects (31 Days of Nest Building: day 4)


It’s Sunday now. A day of rest for some. Beginning as early as Wednesday, people asked me some variation of the question: “Have any big plans this weekend?” My answer is always house projects.

That’s how it is when you own a home and especially a new-to-you but definitely used home. (What do you call a not-new home anyway? Cars can be used or “pre-owned.” Are homes pre-owned? Oh well. I digress.)

This weekend, in addition to cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry, my goals were to build my son’s dresser, put drawer pulls on my new bathroom vanity, and clear the road.

Clear the road? Yes, that’s what I said. The landscapers had come earlier in the week to clear out all those weeds that were nearing my height. When all was said and done there was a pile of discards 6 feet long and 3 feet high in front of my curb. The problem is that this township doesn’t have curbside landscaping pick-up. We’re supposed to bag it and take it… I don’t remember… somewhere… I wrote it down.

The further problem was that as it rained quite a bit this week, those remnants created an effective dam on my street severely slowing water flow to wherever the drain is. By Saturday morning the rain had stopped so I went out with my work coat, farm boots, and gardening gloves and moved the pile handful by handful up on to my yard. I’m no doubt killing all the grass underneath it right now, but at least if we get more rain (from the pending hurricane, by the way) the water will be able to flow where it needs.

I still have to figure out how to get the pile to the township. One thing at a time.

Then I moved onto my bathroom vanity—which is a whole story in itself, one I will share another day. For now I’ll just say, we put in a new vanity and I bought drawer/door pulls for it (as I didn’t like the ones it came with), but there were no pre-drilled holes for attaching them. This was a project I was dreading because I had no clue how to get the pulls on straight on each drawer or door, as well as symmetrical with each other. But as I couldn’t actually open the vanity without the pulls (the drawers and doors are set flush against each other so there is nowhere to grab), it was rather urgent.

With a lot of measuring (and measuring again, then again just to be sure), I created a cardboard template to mark where to drill the holes. When the first handle went in properly and levelly, I actually shouted in joy. There are 5 handles in all. They are on. They are secure. They are symmetrical and aligned and level. And I survived power tools (tool singular, really, but it didn’t sound as good).

The dresser… now that was the annoying project. I avoided cursing since my four-year-old was working alongside me, but by the end of the day, he would throw his hands up in the air and say, “UGGGHHHH! This is SO annoying! And frustrating! And irritating!” So at least I taught him those words.

2015-10-03 14.36.01

Remind me to never ever again build an IKEA dresser. This is the second time I’ve done so and, while I love the finished product, it is such a pain in the… hands actually. My hands hurt so bad from all that screw-driving and shoving in the weird plastic nail thingies. And I have to contact customer service because two of the knobs unthreaded their screws and got stuck partway.


I don’t even want to talk about it.

Today I’m going to do my real work instead (as in the kind that pays for bills and Home Depot runs). It’s easier.

How has your weekend been? Did you do anything fun?

31days-webThroughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.


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