About that Card Reading Stuff


Last week my dad asked me a question that I've been dreading: "What's all this card reading stuff you talk about?"

To which I replied, "Oh! You've been on my website. Thank you!" Of course, that wasn't really an answer. The answer turned into a 2-hour phone conversation--probably the longest we've ever had. And it was great!

You see my dad is an engineer. He is one of the most logical people I know. He likes things to be concrete with solid scientific data. Cards don't really fall into that realm.

When I decided to speak up more about my card readings and add them to my website last year, I knew he would see it eventually and I knew it would require explanation. I had that "wait 'til Dad finds out..." dread. Because apparently I'm still 10.

What I told him is that cards to me are a wonderful conversation starter. Not in the "hey, Dad, let's talk cards" kind of way. Rather in the conversation with your inner self kind of way.

When I pull cards, I'm not looking for answers to what car I should buy or where to invest my money. (Which I'm pretty sure was his main concern.) I think most card readers would agree that it's not about that. When I pull cards I'm looking to find out more about myself, what I think about a situation I'm in.

How do I do that? I look at the words and the images that come up. What do I notice there? What do the words mean? What do they make me think of? Does it spur any ideas for things I could do or how I could behave better?

Often I'll journal about the cards and see what unfolds. The cards are great at pulling me out of my own head. They offer the "huh, I didn't think about it that way" factor. It's a great way to break through blocks and dodge self-imposed limits on my thought process.

That's why I love cards and why I've collected them for almost two decades. And it's why I love pulling them for other people--to give them their own conversation starter, a way to break through their own blocks, and get better acquainted with themselves.

In the end my dad said he didn't think it would work for him because he's too skeptical. I lovingly agree. But hey, if I can explain it to him, I can explain to anyone. Except maybe my grandparents.

If you're curious about cards, I'd be happy to do a reading for you. Hop on over here. They also make great gifts. I've just opened up 2016 Year Ahead readings, so you can enter each new month with a fresh card to consider. You know, in case you have a particular person to shop for who already has everything.


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