Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An Important Book for Women that I Almost Didn’t Read: A review of Playing Big


I’m sad that I avoided this book for so long. I misunderstood what it was. In the barrage of coaches pushing women to start their own businesses, charge more, grow a substantial email list… well, I saw the title Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead and thought here we go again. I'm not trying to be big, so I didn’t bother looking at it.

Then I stumbled across the book in the store while looking for a different title and, for whatever reason, I picked it up and read a few passages throughout.

Right in the introduction she spoke directly to me (and to you, too): "You are that fabulous, we-wish-she-was-speaking-up-more woman."

It wasn’t a business book; it was a soul book. Tara Mohr’s words were the exact words I needed.

The message isn’t about growing a business or becoming rich and famous. It’s about owning ourselves. Tara advocates getting in touch with our own wisdom, not finding mentors to pull us along through our work. She talks about dealing with fear and criticism. She talks about the language we, as women, tend to use that deflates what we are trying to say (“just,” “actually,” “I don’t know, but…”). She talks about callings: how to identify them, how to respond to them, and that they don’t actually have to be our source of income. And, just in case you’re worried your calling isn’t significant enough (for example, if you feel your calling to paint is frivolous because it’s not a calling to feed the hungry), she argued that all callings are significant (in the case of painting, you are adding beauty to the world which makes people feel good).

This book that I thought would be filled with the same old business coaching as every other book (I even found it in the business section of the bookstore), turned out to be so different. This is a book about women’s rights, owning your work, making your own decisions, and heeding your call even if you think you are unprepared.

Playing Big is an important book. I recommend it for adult women aged 25 to 100.


  1. It looks like I will be visiting the bookstore tomorrow. It sounds like a great read.

  2. hmmmmmm I think I may have to try it out. Keep up the great work cuz! Yes I know that probably makes you cringe but you know me- love ya!