Saturday, July 9, 2016

Read Facehooked. But don't get facehooked. That sounds awful.

Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives

by Dr. Suzana E. Flores
Published in March 2016 by Reputation Books

First, can we acknowledge that the title sounds like something you really don’t want to have done? That being said, I get what it means. As a society, we are hooked on Facebook. Dr. Suzana Flores has done a wonderful job offering insights and gathering anecdotes that objectively explore the effects of Facebook on people. She does not make a claim that Facebook is good or evil; she simply reviews how it is used and offers suggestions for balance.

She starts off with this dedication page...


So you know it's going to be good. I should also mention here that if you read this on a Kindle, be prepared to click-click-click a lot in the beginning to get past the crazy number of blurbs (those quotes that tell you how great the book is) and a detailed TOC. The introduction started 13% of the way through the book.

This is a quick and easy read, accessible for audiences as young as high school, but geared more toward adults. She includes a section about teens and Facebook for parents.

Throughout the book, Dr. Flores explains what happens mentally, emotionally, and physiologically when we use Facebook. She gets into how we edit the version of ourselves that we share online and seek validation through “likes,” shares, and comments. She addresses that Facebook can become an addiction and also how it affects our self-esteem and our real-life interactions with family and friends.

One of her final thoughts about creating balance was this: “If you compliment a friend on Facebook, make it a point to compliment someone in real life--that same day.”

That is a refreshing thought.

Pick this book up if you’re interested in social media, human behavior, or if you had to pause in the middle of reading this blog post to check Facebook.

Please see my book review disclaimer about affiliate links and that I received this book for free.

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