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An 8-year-old's Take on Patriot Day

This morning I said to my son Jonas that it was Patriot Day. He asked if that meant he was off from school, and I said no but suggested he wear his flag shirt to school. He asked what the 4th of July was, so we discussed Independence Day and the split from England. He asked if we were celebrating our independence today, and I explained that no, we were instead remembering when our country was attacked and the people who died that day. He asked if I was alive when it happened, and I said yes. He asked what happened, so we talked a little about the planes and the buildings and the passengers who worked together to make sure the fourth plane didn’t hit another building. Then he said, “You know what it reminds me of? When the whites hated the blacks. I read a book about it. It was about a man named Luther Martin King Junior, or something like that.” I said, “Martin Luther King, Junior. Yes. He was an important man who did a lot of good work. We still have more work to do.” Jon