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Fellow White People: Let's Learn and Follow the True Leaders

Seven days of ever-increasing protests. Hundreds of years of hurt and far-too-slow change.  I would like to think this isn't my problem, that I didn't cause this. However, I have certainly benefited from white supremacy and definitely been too inactive in working for progress. The fact is I still don't know what to do. I have spent my whole life listening to voices of different colors and those of varying abilities (not disabilities). I've occasionally noticed when things aren't setup to be user-friendly for those in wheelchairs. I used very basic sign language to assist a customer in a store I worked in during high school. I served as notetaker for several of my fellow university students for whom notetaking was challenging. And yet, I spent a big chunk of my life moving through this world assuming my friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors have had similar experiences and opportunities as me, regardless of their skin color -- an oversight that I began t